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Hi Tripawders

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Got a cute picture of the silly Adelaide today, so thought I’d share with our tripawd friends.

Earlier today, Adelaide came bounding downstairs with my comfort bear.  A comfort bear is real soft and made of buckwheat and lavender.  You can put it in the microwave and heat it up.  It’s great for when you don’t feel well.  It is NOT a puppy toy.  😀  But try telling that to Adelaide.

I think that look is, “are you sure this is not my bear?”



Hello Our Friends

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We are still here!  😀  Just haven’t been keeping up on the ol’ blog.  Good news update…we haven’t had another escape… yet.  😀  Of course, now she isn’t allowed out back without me right there on her heels.

Miss busy girl had to stay home from daycare last Thursday and this Tuesday due to me having some medical stuff to deal with, but today… back at DAYCARE!  She actually did pretty good this past week not getting too crazy.  Maybe she’s actually maturing a little (a little).  Here was her “we are going to DAYCARE” pic…

  And here are some of her “husky looks” tonight coming home and tired (successful day).      

We have a tired and happy husky tonight!  And that makes me happy too.

Hope everyone is doing good!



Adventures shouldn’t be in the morning

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Good morning, let’s run through the woods and the brambles in our work clothes and get all mussed up before work!  😀  Adelaide saw a cat and took off under the fence again.  This time, I was almost right there.  I saw her running back and forth along the fence line all excited and was heading her way.  Then her nose poked under, back behind the honeysuckle, and bam, she was through.  By time I got to her, her lead (because she doesn’t go out without a 16 foot lead now due to past issues) was quickly snaking its way under the fence.  As I struggled my way through the honeysuckle thicket, I tried to step on the lead, but I missed and it was gone.  Good news, the cat went left towards the front of the cul-de-sac instead of right.  And that direction has fewer escape routes for Adelaide.  I high tailed it up to the front of the yard, across my next door neighbors, and into the back of the neighbor beside them.  Managed to find a way down into the creek and there was Addy all smiles with a cute cat treed.  Fortunately, Adelaide let me just walk right up to her instead of bolting.  Grabbed her muddy butt and back home we went.  Today is daycare day, so I’ve asked them to give her a bath too.  Ugh, this girl is crazy.  And I tell you, the fence was not loose and not sitting above the ground.  How she fit under it is a mystery.  (fyi – the cat is fine)

My arm, on the other hand, took a beating in the brambles.



Barney shows his butt, really.

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The Barnster is visiting Adelaide and Aissa (and Mathilde, Morrigan, and Bagheera), after an amazing adventure with Happy Hannah and a trip to Honduras.  We are so glad the Happy Hannah got to meet and play with Barney when she did.

First thing here, after the girls opened up their package and found our new visitor, Adelaide showed the Barnster her favorite escape route.  (You can see more about past escapes  in the blog post On A Short Leash).  This is when he showed his butt, literally.

Barney’s attempted escape

Leave it to the trouble maker (Barney this time, not Adelaide) to test his boundaries.  Therefore, we had no choice, but to put Barney on his own short leash…


And wait!  What is THAT on Barney’s neck?  Do you remember the last post from Jerry about Barney coming to see us?  And before that about his getting a little singed post scuba diving in Honduras?  Well, he needed a little surgery and skin grafts.  Especially if Adelaide was going to play with him without taking the stuffing out of him (really, she would).  The surgery went well, and he has recovered nicely.

First the graft

Adelaide and Aissa were very interested in his progress…

Then we had to do a few stitches…

Now he is in tip top shape and ready to return to his adventures.  Which as you can see below, may be stressful for him.

Stay tuned, you never know what he will do or where he will end up.



Taking a moment

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Most of you that watch Adelaide’s blog, know that she is a handful and always up to something.  Every now and then… she actually relaxes and enjoys her surroundings.  Mostly this occurs outside.


Hey Mr Taxman

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Adelaide had daycare today… not that you could tell by her running around playing tonight.  We’ve been home nearly 3 hours and she hasn’t sat still yet. On the way home, we saw one of those corner tax folks… See the intent look?

This was what she was looking at…

She didn’t mind Santa, but this guy she’s not very sure about.

It’s the tax man, so who wouldn’t be leery? And this is a link of her playing with Bagheera tonight.  It’s her husky talk.  And it went on an on and on… you get my drift.

Addy’s husky talk with Bagheera


A Year in Retrospect

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Well folks, today is Adelaide’s One Year Adoptiversary.  Yep.  One year ago today, I went to a dog park 40 minutes from home to pick up this crazy zany sweet girl.

For those of you that are new to meeting Adelaide, she was such a crazy husky puppy that at 2 months old, she decided to play Superwoman off a patio and severely broke her front left arm (yes, dogs have arms).  Unfortunately, the pawrents responsible for her at the time could not afford to take care of such a serious injury and they let it go.  Fortunately, their mother convinced them to give her up to some new pawrents that wanted to make sure she was taken care of.

Here is Miss Addy at about 4 months old.

Addy with 4 Legs

That picture is the only one I have of her with 4 legs.  Her new foster pawrents gathered donations and held a yard sale and di what they could to raise the money to cover her amputation surgery at 5 months old on 10/1/12.  She pulled out all the puppy dog eyes she had during recovery.

Her foster pawrents posted on the tripawds forum for rescue and Erica, Jilly’s mom saw it and showed me the post one night.  Miss Adelaide (called Murphy at the time) was about an hour away from me.  And Miss Brendol was 4 weeks post amp from her surgery.  I had no intentions of bringing in a 3rd pup.  And with B having her own issues and her and Aissa already settled in their ways, I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I dove right in and said let’s meet.  I took B and Aissa to a dog park in between us and everyone met and Addy was so cute and so sweet.  She immediately came and sat on my feet and just leaned up against me.  (Little did I know she will play to anybody).

Soooo, 1 year ago tonight, I drove back to that dog park and met up with her and her foster pawrents.  They cried to let her go.  I felt bad for taking her, but I’ve spoiled her since.

Here’s her first night in her new home… “let’s PLAYYYY!”

It took a while to get less interested in the two new little sisters, Mathilde and Morrigan, but we got there.

I enrolled her in daycare shortly after she came to stay.  She needs a lot of play time and exercise that she just can’t get in our regular routine.  So she has been going Tuesdays and Thursdays and she looooovvves it.

All the big girls had a photo shoot with Puparazzi Portraits and Rupa got some wonderful pictures of all the girls.  This particular picture ended up in a book that Puparazai Portraits published for the Loews Atlanta Hotel for their pet friendly rooms.

Miss Brendol had 3 pictures featured in the book, one of our favorites is the happy jumping girl chasing her bubbles.

Now, Miss Adelaide has an older sister to keep her in line, 3 kitties to chase (one of which she found in January and will actually play with her some).  She gets to go to daycare and play with other puppies two days a week, which also means lots of car rides.  We have a huge basket full (and I mean full) of toys.  She gets to play with puzzle toys.  She sleeps on the bed with her momma every night and then without her momma most days she’s home.  Peanut butter is a staple.  And she gets to play semi-fetch with her glow-in-the-dark ball when momma comes home.  All in all, it’s been a pretty darn good year for Miss Addy.

Happy Adoptiversary My Sweet and Crazy Girl!


More craziness

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Ok, well, I tried to get a video of Addy being a spaz on the couch.  As soon as I got the phone recording, she sort of settled down.  She was still crazy compared to many other dogs 😀  but not her usual craziness.  We were home for an hour and a half with a trip outside and chasing kitties inside and spazzing on the couch before she finally laid down.  Makes me think she is sleeping all day at daycare.


On a Short Leash

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Miss Adelaide got in trouble and now she is being kept on a short leash… or a long leash…hmmm?  (you’ll have to check out the video to tell)

Last Sunday, Miss Addy squeezed under the fence to go after a cat (sorry Jill).  Then she proceeded to run around looking for cats and frolicking in the retention pond.  Anything but coming to me or allowing me to grab her.  This lasted for about 45 minutes.  I finally got her to come to me thinking I had something yummy in my hand and I grabbed her.  Now… she goes outside on a leash.  The section of the fence has been barricaded and plans are in play to get some work done on the yard and the fence.  The leash lets me work on “come” with her which we are doing daily.  Here is a short video of this afternoon and Aissa May trying to help me keep Addy on a short leash. 😀



Let’s Play Ball!

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Thought everyone might need some comic relief… and Adelaide is always willing to grant that.  She’s been a handful tonight, and thank heavens tomorrow is daycare day.  She has played with her puzzles, chased kitties, irritated Aissa, stalked all the critters in the wood, chased more kitties, and we played a little ball.  I took a few pics of her playing ball because she’s just so stinking cute, even when she’s being naughty.   Enjoy.

Hey Mom, wanna play ball?

Okay… now throw it!  Throw it!  Please?  Throw It!!!

Throw it

Isn’t this a great ball, Mom?  It’s yummy.

This is fun Mom.

Ok, your turn again.  Throooowwwww ittttt

Thank you Mom, I love playing with my ball in the house.  I’m glad nobody else is here to tell us we shouldn’t do this. 😀

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