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Escape Artist

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As you can see from the picture here… Adelaide is VERY proud of herself.     I let the girls out this afternoon to play and when I went to check on them, I couldn’t see where Adelaide went.  So I checked all around the yard from the windows and no Adelaide.  I had to […]


School Days!

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Little Adelaide is loving day care and making a ton of new friends.  When I picked her up on Thursday, the pawrent of a new black standard poodle stopped to say hi and that his “Charlie” just adores Adelaide.  From the pictures that the daycare post on Facebook, I can see she is having a […]


Happy First Birthday!

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Today is Adelaides adopted 1st birthday.  I don’t really know when she was born, all I know is she is about 1 year old.  So when I adopted her I decided that 4/15 was going to be her birthday (so that I can remember it).  😀  So Happy Happy Birthday my sweet hyper girl. Adelaide […]


Peace Among the Species

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Adelaide has been in the family since March 19th, a little over 3 weeks.  She has settled in great.  My only irritation has been her persistent bothering and chasing of the two cats in the family.  Slowly, day after day, it is getting better.  I dream of the day when I find a cat curled […]


Bring Your Dog to Work Day!!

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Today, April 5th, our company (National Vision, Inc.) had their second Bring Your Dog to Work Day!  And Adelaide went to work with me.  I did not bring Brendol or Aissa because Brendol has been so tired and is on chemo and Aissa wouldn’t like that much activity.  But Adelaide was such a good girl! […]


First Day of Daycare!

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Miss Adelaide had her first day at daycare yesterday.  I tried to get a picture of her when I was dropping her off, but she just wouldn’t hold still.  So all I got was this butt shot.   When I picked her up, they said she did very good.  She was so happy to see […]