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Hey Mr Taxman

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Adelaide had daycare today… not that you could tell by her running around playing tonight.  We’ve been home nearly 3 hours and she hasn’t sat still yet. On the way home, we saw one of those corner tax folks… See the intent look? This was what she was looking at… She didn’t mind Santa, but […]


A Year in Retrospect

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Well folks, today is Adelaide’s One Year Adoptiversary.  Yep.  One year ago today, I went to a dog park 40 minutes from home to pick up this crazy zany sweet girl. For those of you that are new to meeting Adelaide, she was such a crazy husky puppy that at 2 months old, she decided […]


More craziness

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Ok, well, I tried to get a video of Addy being a spaz on the couch.  As soon as I got the phone recording, she sort of settled down.  She was still crazy compared to many other dogs 😀  but not her usual craziness.  We were home for an hour and a half with a […]


On a Short Leash

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Miss Adelaide got in trouble and now she is being kept on a short leash… or a long leash…hmmm?  (you’ll have to check out the video to tell) Last Sunday, Miss Addy squeezed under the fence to go after a cat (sorry Jill).  Then she proceeded to run around looking for cats and frolicking in […]


Let’s Play Ball!

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Thought everyone might need some comic relief… and Adelaide is always willing to grant that.  She’s been a handful tonight, and thank heavens tomorrow is daycare day.  She has played with her puzzles, chased kitties, irritated Aissa, stalked all the critters in the wood, chased more kitties, and we played a little ball.  I took […]