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Adelaide’s First Snow

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I was hoping it would snow.  It’s been really cold for us here in Georgia, so it might as well snow and make it worth it.  Today, I got my wish.  Wasn’t a ton of snow, but enough to send Adelaide into a husky utopia.  To save this occasion for posterity, I made a short […]


More bedtime fun

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Here’s some more funny Adelaide.  I’m doing from my phone, so we will see if this works.  


Did somebody say O-U-T-S-I-D-E?

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Don’t you love how excited our pups get for certain words?  Walk?  Treat?  Outside? Miss Adelaide loves to go outside.  And here is her response to when she was asked if she wanted to go… And while we were out there, we played with our new glow-in-the-dark ball.  I recommend getting one of those.  I […]


Good Night Tripawdland from Adelaide

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Here is a common ritual in the house… go outside for potty, come in for peanut butter and water, head upstairs, and then one more rowdy session before bed.  Enjoy!


Adelaide got ALL wound up tonight

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Well, it was my fault.  I instigated it.  It’s a bit dark, but here is our video of Addy being silly.  (FYI – Aissa is barking in the background and there is a squeaky toy, so if you have anyone that might get excited by noise, you might want to turn your volume down).


Our Pack is Growing

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Before I go into more details about that, I have to share this cute picture of this afternoon all sleeping on the couch (including me).  Notice that princess Adelaide is on a pillow, she always is on a pillow.  Silly girl. Now, without further ado… Meet Bagheera…   Adelaide found Bagheera just outside the fence […]