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More Adelaide

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Adelaide loves to crawl under the patio stairs and dig and lay and pretend nobody can see her.  And I think it’s cute.  But then I think most of what she does is cute.  And when you think something is cute, you video it and put it in YouTube because everyone should think it’s cute.  Right?  Here you go.


Bedtime Fun

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Adelaide heard I posted “sweet” pictures of her and she didn’t want her reputation ruined.  So here was her dance for bedtime… 


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I can’t believe I haven’t written since December.  Sorry all, been being a bad blog pawrent.  But Spring is here in Atlanta and Adelaide is still her usual boisterous crazy self.  I guess no news is good news, which is why we’ve been so quiet.  Everyone has been doing well.  Morrigan had to have a bladder surgery to remove crystals, but she is already fully healed and she actually plays with Addy some.  Aissa has been doing good.  Her and Mathilde just hang out together.  At the pet sitters, they say she goes for leisurely strolls with one of their other elderly little pups that is more her speed.  Meanwhile, Addy runs all the pups at the pet sitters ragged.  They say she goes from one dog to another.  They have to put her in a sort of time out to get her to just chill.

Actually, it just occurred to me that Adelaide has been here with me for 2 years now.  I brought her home on March 19, 2013.  (Again, I’m not a great pawrent when it comes to remembering anniversaries).  So this post can actually be a HAPPY GOTCHA-VERSARY! 😀

Here are a few recent pics of her using her charms.

Were you sitting here?

Are you done getting ready yet?

The princess on her thrown.


Happy Spring Everybody!


Ho Ho Ho

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Here comes Santy Paws
Here comes Santy Paws
Right down Santy Paws Lane
Vixen and Blitzen and all his reinder

Pullin’ on the reins.
Bells are ringin’, huskies singin’,
All is merry and bright.
So hang your stockings and say your prayers,
‘Cause Santy Paws comes tonight.

Christmas 2014

Adelaide and Aissa went and saw Santa, and they were very good girls, so Santa might just bring them something good for Christmas.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.


My pain for your enjoyment

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Look at this beautiful sweet innocent face.

Now, here’s the reality.  First from last weekend.

Gross out warning…just came outside with the girls, when Addy beelines it to 20 yards off the patio and grabs something. You know when they are that fast it’s not good. As soon as I can see what she has, it’s a tail and legs sticking out of her mouth and she’s trying to swallow it. I had to practically choke her to get her to spit it out. A small very dead rat…and all we got was the abdomen through tail. She already has a sensitive stomach…can’t wait til the rest of it gets puked up somewhere!

Good news.  There wasn’t any remnants found later.  Now from tonight.

Adelaide got out again. I was ahead of schedule, it was nice out, just sitting out back while my girls do their exploring. Then I notice…a cat is sitting outside the fence 2 feet from Addy and she hasn’t seen it. I had that moment of holding my breath and considering whether I can get Adelaide’s attention before the cat does. Nope! The cat took off and Addy was on the mission of finding a way to chase it. I jumped up and took off ruining to grab Adelaide while she was trying to shove her nose under the fence. I almost thought she wasn’t going to be able to, when, yep, nose found a spot. If her nose fits, so does the rest of her (skinny girl). As I’m running across the yard (in flip flopsno less), she’s under and there goes her leash snaking under the fence behind her. I don’t know if I actually went diving for the leash or if I tripped. But I ended up on the ground either way and missed grabbing the leash by 6 inches. You know there were curses after that. After getting up and finding my shoe, I was able to see Addy had gotten tangled not far down in the creek. Good news for me. I was allowed to grab a couple chairs without being in a panic and climb the fence (no bruise this time). Also fortunate, it hasn’t rained in a week so the creek wasn’t a mud pit and I was able to work my way down and over to her without much issue. All back safe. Did have to wash the mud from my pants (from sprawling across yard, not from creek). Adelaide is not being allowed to run freely tonight.

After reading about Adelaide’s antics, you will enjoy seeing the “real” Addy from her out take pictures this past weekend.

See what I mean?  lol  Gotta love her, and I do.  But she can try my patience.



I love this girl

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We don’t have enough earth shattering to announce… just another day in our husky life.  It poured down rain all day, but then turned beautiful before the day was done.  And Adelaide took advantage of the open moon roof on the way home from daycare…

Loving the wind on her face

Yeah, I’m cool

Getting some lip action

We’ll just rest our chin here


Woot Woot.. Who Let the Dogs Out? 😀



Houdini strikes again

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Look at this smug face…

She got out of the yard again.  We have been doing so well.  I think the last time she escaped was early Spring.  I stayed pretty calm trying to find her, but when she wasn’t romping around the creek area I started to worry.  That’s her usual go to place.  Next two spots would be up in the houses behind the creek or the other direction would be in the maze of duplexes.  I kept listening for her collar making noise, or other critters throwing a fit, but super quiet.  As I was hoisting my large rear end over the fence, guess who comes running up all happy and proud.  I guess she was done chasing whatever it was that convinced her to escape.  And I have no idea where she escaped from this time.  But I hoisted her happy 40 pound butt back over the fence (long lead still dragging behind her which is a trick I use to be able to grab her in case she escapes), back over I went and we are all safely home again.  After her last escape so long ago, she doesn’t go out without a long lead attached and I am always with her.  However, I don’t always follow her through the woods.  I wait for her to come out the other side.  I only took my attention off of her for a minute today.  She didn’t come out the other side.  It’s like having a toddler in a grocery store.

Happy Fall Everyone.


The Dog Days of Summer

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They are upon us.  Hot and muggy.  Otherwise, I would love to be sitting outside on the swing with the girls and listening to the cicadas.

Adelaide is doing great, as are the rest of the crew.  I do believe that Adelaide has become a young lady.  I see the energy balancing down a little (just a little).  Today’s update is just going to be a photo bomb… enjoy.



Daycare day

Classic Headtilt

Loving on Bagheera


With Bagheera



Tree hugger



That’s all Folks…


Happy 4th Everyone

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(a little late)

Adelaide and Aissa got to spend this past weekend and the weekend before at Dave and David’s, the pet sitters.  Both times we get home, and I crash from a hectic weekend, and they crash from a hectic weekend. 😀  We haven’t had a lot to tell lately (thankfully).  There was an incident with a baby possum, but it ended sadly.  I let the girls outside and was right behind them.  So, I don’t think they actively killed him.  I think he probably tried to climb up a tree to get away from them and fell and broke something vital.  He didn’t live very long.  🙁  The turtles are back.  We keep seeing little box turtles every now and then, which the girls don’t bother.  Since the turtles don’t exactly run away, Addy is bored with them.

To keep up our little photo journal of Adelaide and her adventures, I have a picture for you of Adelaide sending puppy kisses to all the tripawds…

And then for a little more viewing pleasure, here is more Adelaide playing at bedtime…

I also don’t want to forget that Friday was a special day!

Bagheera is 1 YEARS OLD now!!  Happy Birthday my Little Man!


P.S.  This is how tired we all are…

Aissa May

And Miss Adelaide


Hi Tripawders

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Got a cute picture of the silly Adelaide today, so thought I’d share with our tripawd friends.

Earlier today, Adelaide came bounding downstairs with my comfort bear.  A comfort bear is real soft and made of buckwheat and lavender.  You can put it in the microwave and heat it up.  It’s great for when you don’t feel well.  It is NOT a puppy toy.  😀  But try telling that to Adelaide.

I think that look is, “are you sure this is not my bear?”


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