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Tripawd Troublemaker

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Hello our friends. we thought we’d share, for any new tripawd parents, that our dear sweet tripawd puppies can get into just as much trouble on 3 legs as on 4. The following picture is from today, when Adelaide was caught digging at the fence. And as husky’s tend to be, she had absolutely no […]


Did somebody say O-U-T-S-I-D-E?

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Don’t you love how excited our pups get for certain words?  Walk?  Treat?  Outside? Miss Adelaide loves to go outside.  And here is her response to when she was asked if she wanted to go… And while we were out there, we played with our new glow-in-the-dark ball.  I recommend getting one of those.  I […]


It’s Santy Paws! It’s Santy Paws!

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Yep, you got it.  I took the girls to see Santy Paws!  And they were such good girls (do you think someone told them about the naughty and nice list?)  I wasn’t sure what they would think about a man dressed in a red suit with a big fake white beard.  I mean, think about […]


It’s Park Time!

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Alright, here is the second new toy segment.  And a movie to boot (;) enjoy Sally). Part of our new stuff is a brand new stroller for Aissa May and a GoPro camera for Adelaide (ok, well, it’s for me).  Aissa and Adelaide can’t really enjoy going to the park together because Aissa can’t go […]


New Toys – Pet Tracker

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We’ve gotten some new toys.  I’m not going to tell you everything right now…we’ll spread it out over the next couple weeks.  But for today, we want to tell you about the pet tracker we got.  It is pretty cool.  And it is giving me some much needed peace of mind. I got a Tagg […]



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You say it’s your ampday It’s my ampday too–yeah They say it’s your ampday We’re gonna have a good time I’m glad it’s your ampday Happy ampday to you. Yes we’re going to a party party Yes we’re going to a party party Yes we’re going to a party party. One year ago today, Miss […]


Close Call

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Before I begin, let me say, I do not believe in breed specific biases or assumptions about behavior.  I am against breed legislation.  And I recently lost my own beautiful and sweet pit mix.  So this story could have been about any large breed dog, it just happened to be a pit. Adelaide and I […]


Getting Back Up on the Horse

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Happy Hump Day Everpawdy! We’ve had a hard time since our last update, but we are getting better every day (if you don’t know what’s been going on in our family, you can read up at – but I won’t go into all that here).  Had some tummy issues for about 4 days that […]



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My post on Miss Brendol was a little sad.  And I’ve honestly been a little sad about her today.  But I came home to all my girls and Adelaide and Aissa love to have a play session after we get all settled and they just make me smile.  Such happy girls.  Here’s a clip to […]


Day Care for Addy

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Happy Friday everyone, unless you are in Australia (Natalie) and then Happy Saturday! Well, Miss Adelaide had her interview to be accepted into daycare last night and she was a very good girl.  Playing and romping and giving kisses to the interviewer.  So, on Tuesday, we start day care.  I’ll take her twice a week. […]

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